PASSION FOR CHRIST (Allegory of Human vices)

Posted by admin at 15.02.2020

Category: 1. Passion for Christ. Allegory of Human vices

This 5 habitats of monumental and decorative sculptural panels, which are depicted in allegorical images of human vices, which are connected by high- relief elements and volumetric sculpture, where each work a sense of spiritual tension can be seen in aspects: the external forms – in stormy dramatic movement of figures – and emotional psychological coloring which is clearly noticeable limiting the intensity of spiritual passions.

The emotional impact is achieved and abstract gestures and postures, the structure of the figures in the whole and parts ( exaggeration for feet hands – allegorical Admission to enhance expression).
In each composition, traced the eternal theme of good and evil, which is particularly clearly seen in the contrast supply the image of Jesus in relation to all the other figures, personifying collective image of hypocrisy, nonsense, anger, meanness, and other vices.

An important role is played by the drapery in the background, which as the flames in all works of life is filled with the composition and convey the thrill of boiling around Christ’s passion.

Larisa Zhulyabina.


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