Sculptor Feofan



(Fedorovich Vadim Valentinovich)


           Born in Tzyurupinsk in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) in 23 of May 1953.

Talent for modeling appeared from childhood. He liked to carve different figures from white soup, what helped him at 10 years entered the Ostashinskiy children’s art studio by SSR’s department of culture in Kiev. In studio began to studying drawing, painting, sculpture, art history. In 3 years in 1967 entered the Shevchenko republican art School for talented children in faculty of easels sculpture, where had studied 6 years. On graduating from studio was called up to the Soviet Army. During these years did sculptural und graphical portraits works.

            In 1977 entered Government Institute of applied and decorative art in Lvov the art-applied ceramics faculty. On graduating Institute was created a number of ceramics panels and monumental-decorative sculptures in «Ceramics» technique.

            During these years worked as in sphere easels sculpture, in plastic small shapes, in creating portraits figures, as in sphere monumental-decorative and park sculpture. Created number of works in academicals technique: in 1997 was invited to Odessa for working up embossed works and iconostasis in interior of Saint Maria-Magdalena church. Created a memorial sigh for the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ for the Kiev Cathedral Church of St. Alexander. At the suggestion of the apostolic nuncio in Ukraine Archbishop Eterovich, made 14 stations of the monumental relief Panel «The Way of Christ to Golgotha».

         Created line of modernistic works for biochemical Firma «Axaron» in Heidelberg (Germany), in Alexander’s children’s home in Lodz (Poland), for Firma «Michael Entertainment» in Jacksonville (USA). Participated in sculptors international symposium in Sankt Petersburg (Russia), exhibited in Ukraine and abroad. At international exhibitions in Kiev «Ukrainian Art Week» received 1 place for the relief panel «Perching the Cross» in 2017 and 1 and 2 pleces for relief panels «Arrogance» and «Voluptuousness» in 2018.

          My works are in private collections in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Vatican and Austria. I work in artist foundation of Cherson by national artist union of Ukraine.

               At the moment live in Oleshky, Ukraine. I have wife, two daughters, grandchildren.


    Contact:  mob.   +38 066 167 48 24    Larysa.

                               +38 068 407 27 98   Vadym.